African Union Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Ephraim Percy Kenyanito

The African Union (AU), the single largest organization of states in Africa, marked its 50th anniversary from May 25 to 27, 2013 at its headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, sparking debate among Africans throughout the continent over the organization’s relevance and effectiveness.

The AU began as the Organisation of African Unity, founded on May 25, 1963 with 32 members. Though often criticised for the inability to enforce its decisions, the organisation played a key role in ending colonial rule on the continent through its aid to rebel groups.

After the African Union replaced the Organisation in 2001, many of the same criticisms – that the union had little real power to tackle the poverty and conflict afflicting the continent – have followed. The AU now has 54 member states.

African Union 50th anniversary logo. Image from African Union Website:

African Union 50th anniversary logo. Image from African Union Website:

The anniversary celebrations encouraged discussions among Africans who…

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Kenyans: The Ever Complaining Lot That Never Acts Right

“There are times in life when, instead of complaining, you do something about your complaints.” – Rita Dove

Whenever you look at the social media and read then tweets and Facebook updates from Kenyans, you see a bunch of whiners who portray ingenious ignorance and sheer sense of helplessness. At times, you are tempted not to blame them due to the ignorance displayed but then again you look at their grasp of other issues and wonder why they can’t understand their own country and its structures.

You can pick a number of examples from not just the ordinary folks but also the country’s leadership by just reading their tweets and updates.

As one of my friends says, today, Kenya does not have a leadership problem. What we are witnessing is a ‘followship’ problem where the citizenry despite being empowered by the Constitution that puts in place strong institution still expects to…

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Thank you Mr. President

And my credit this week goes to President Uhuru
Kenyatta. I think he has really demystified the
institution of the presidency and brought it closer
to the kenyan people by attending a crusade here,
a wedding there, an award ceremonies and
apprearing on a documentary marketing kenya as a
perfect destination for movies. Thats how a leader
does it while rulers wallow in the aura of self
importance and sorrounded by contingents of
mean security men who protect them from the
same people who elect them.Thank you Mr.
President though I still hold that you need to cut
down on your motorcade and fire one Francis
Kimemia, he is not indispensable