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OrangeThis is an open letter to pre-2010 politicians from Siaya County (to those who actually will read or give a damn, that is). If you are a pre-August 2010 politician from Siaya County, this letter is addressed to you. If you are reading this and thinking it doesn’t/can’t apply to you, think again: it does.

I do not pretend these words represent more than my own, negligible angry voice. But they might. That is why I will risk using the “I” instead of the “we”. So here it goes.

I’m fed up with you. All of you! Whether you’re a second liberation hero or a pre-independence hog or something else in between… Whether you are secretly corrupt or openly robbing us… Whether you are doing nothing or pretending to actually work… Whether you are the son of someone or the son-in-law of another… Whether you are a woman or a…

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