Mudavadi has always had it on a Silver Platter

I bet every Kenyan knows the story of one Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi. Mudavadi first came to parliament in 1989 when he was elected unopposed to replace his father as the MP for Sabatia.

In 2002 when the whole of Kenya united to get bring to an end the dictatorial regime of KANU Moi enticed him with the Vice Presidency so he could support Uhuru Kenyatta. In 2007, Raila Odinga hand picked him from a lot of 5 other contenders and made him his running mate and as such his the de facto deputy party leader for Kenya’s most popular politcal party in 2007.

After the debacle that was the 2007 general elections, Mr. Mudavadi had yet another easy rid to becoming one of the two deputy prime minister when William Ruto publicly announced that he had foregone his ambition of being on of the DPMs in favour of Musalia. We all no how easily Musalia was left off hook in the Goldenberg  and the Grave plot scandals.

When Mudavadi quit ODM in May 2012, he didn’t struggle to form a political party because UDF was handed to him on a silver platter. When time was running out on him Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto quickly took him in and gave him shelter in the jubillee alliance. He went on to secretly enter a deal with UK that UK would support his candidacy for the Jubilee presidential candidate such he (MM) would not have to face a fierce nomination processs. So now Mudavadi prefers consensus building over a nomination process as the best way of deciding who gets to be the flag bearer for jubilee.

It makes me wonder, why did he quit ODM in the 1st place? May be its because Musalia has never had to fight hard like everybody else and for him it has always come on a silver platter and he expects the same even now



Kenya mpya

On Monday 4th of March 2013 Kenyans will go to polls to elect their 4th President. These elections are perhaps the most important in our history not just because the electorate will have six ballot papers to deal with but because they are a chance for our beloved nation to redeem itself from the fiasco that was our last elections.But most importantly these elections will be an opportunity for each Kenyan to choose the kind of future they want for our country. Our current president Mr. Mwai Kibaki has done a great job but his successor has an even greater job to do in order to move Kenya forward. In this regards, Kenyans cannot afford to make the mistakes we have made with our past elections. We cannot afford to vote our next crop of leaders based solely on their tribes or popularity, there has to be something more these leaders have to offer. They have to stand for something more than being tribal chiefs.

I hereby submit my list of 10 things I expect the next President to do;

1.The President must have a National standing and be capable of uniting the whole of Kenya. He must be capable of fighting tribalism and act as a symbol of National Unity as it should be.

2. He must fight corruption no matter what.

3. A commitment to the full implementation of the new constitution

4. He must fight insecurity and assure Kenyans of their safety at all times

5.He must promote equity in access to education and make higher education affordable

6.Must improve health and access to health facilities in Kenya and facilitate better remunerations for all health workers

7.Facilitate the creation and full implementation of a National Youth Enterprise Policy to promote youth enterprise as a means of empolyment creation

8.To improve social security and better social welfare for our senoir citizens.

9.To provide incentives to farmers including small scale farmers in order to promote food security in Kenya and ensure that no Kenyan ever dies of hunger.

10.To provide better and affordable housing for low income earners, slum dwellers and the rural population. This should also include access to clean drinking water and better sanitation.

Change is You and I

jiandikishe   Politicians never bring about change.Change is brought by the people when they vote in the right leaders. Go get registered as a voter today and step up to be counted as a change maker in the jubilee year. When we vote on March 4th 2013, we will be making the decision that Kenya will never be the same.

The Kenyan Artivist

I wish to explain why I will contest the forthcoming elections on a TNA ticket.
All political decisions made in my life have been guided by values I hold dear, including a belief in the principle and practice of democracy – the right to representation in a free, fair, open and transparent process within or without party boundaries.
Being principled also means making tough decisions, as my mentors Martha Karua, Charity Ngilu and Mumbi Ngaru have demonstrated, besides displaying the admirable qualities of courage, strength and decisiveness.
I thank my sponsoring party, ODM, for giving me the opportunity over the last couple of years to articulate the need to fight impunity, check the excesses of the Executive, promote adherence to the rule of law, and promote equity and equality.
This is a role I will continue playing. Going forward, I choose to contribute to nation building…

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Of Elections and Impunity

I have great respect for one Uhuru Muigai wa Kenyatta and that is for one reason and one reason only;The fella is well educated and very intelligent.In fact Uhuru Kenyatta is the only Kenyan leader to have ever been selected to deliver the prestigious Nelson Mandela lecture. And if you take away the ‘TYPING ERROR’ business, I think he did a great job at the treasury.You will remember he introduced the Passat for our ministers and that saved us some money. But I have an issue with UK and his friend William Ruto vying for Kenya’s CEO post now that he has the Hague tag chained on him. Don’t get me wrong I am not speaking of guilt or innonce here, thats something only they can prove before the ICC. My point the kind of image the two potray when they insist on running for the presidency while they are facing indictment at the ICC. It sends a very strong message of the kind of leaders the two would be should they realise their dream of leading our beloved country. I think they should concentrate on proving their innocence 1st. The presidency will always be there and there will always be  elections for them to to contest.

The charges the two friends are facing are very grave and to want to lead the country while facing such charges is utterly ridiculous. One wonders what will happen to the case if they win? It is public knowledge that the two have made attempts through their cronies to sever links between Kenya and the ICC and we are not very sure they wont do that when one of them becomes president. Moreover, has anyone considered the trauma that the victims of the PEV would experience if the process of seeking justice for them is scuttled? Just a thought.


Writing History

The alliance business aside, today Kenya is exactly 3 months away from perhaps the most important election in our history coming in the jubilee year. After 4th March 2013, Kenya will never be the same. We can either go to the dogs or chart the right destiny for our beloved country and ensure a bright future for our children and the children of our children.

Do not be left out of the history making process. You have only 15days to register as a voter and hold in our hands the power to change your country. Be part of histrory making #Jiandikishe

Two Horse Race

Indeed there are two horses in the race now, one rides war crime suspects and Kenya’s leading lords of impunity and the other by two comedians so desperate to win an election. The most unfortunate thing for Kenya is that there has to be a winner in April. May the best devil win and that is if and only if Pastor Kalonzo’s mind will not change by March 4th.