Enough is Enough


Mugabe’s re-election strategy which seemingly is becoming the norm in Africa is to brand your opponents ”PUPPETS OF THE WEST” and make them unelectable while people like him continue to strengthen their hold to power and enrich themselves as their countries degenerate into unfathomable levels of poverty, corruption, unemployment, diseases and crime. While there might be a danger in electing the so called ‘’PUPPETS OF THE WEST’’ it is more dangerous for us to be stuck with aging despots who offer no new solutions to perpetual African challenges. My generation must stand up and say enough is enough to the likes of Robert Mugabe, Paul Biya, Yoweri Museveni, Teodoro Nguema, and Omar Hassan al-Bashir, Blaise Campaore, Eduardo Dos Santos, Denis Sassou Nguesso and King Mswati.


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