ARTS & POLITICS: What Gains Does The Relationship Witnessed in 2013 Elections Have?

The Kenyan Artivist


Rapper Prezzo was among artists who endorsed Raila Odinga

Unlike any other species on earth, mankind has always had an artistic streak. The earliest cave paintings are interpreted as stories or as a historical record, yet as mankind developed, the use of art developed from mere record-keeping to something else. Art as beauty became important; but as democracy spread to the masses, it became increasingly superficial. Instead, art often focused on meaning to make a statement about the world and ultimately attain a political dimension

Art does not just influence people, but it also can control them. Jonathan Petropoulos wrote in the Chicago Tribune that: “Almost as soon as the Nazis seized control, they recognized that those who had the power to censor the arts … could control the government”. This is because the movies, music, paintings and press could spread differing viewpoints and engage the public in open…

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