If Kenya Burns….

kenya kwanza…If Kenya burns,then we all burn with it…..
If Kenya burns,then there will be no country left for me to be president to when the time comes,
this dream with die with it….

If Kenya burns,then my grand mother will not live to see her wishes for me fulfilled and that her investiments of sweat,tears and blood in me were never in vain…..
If Kenya burns,then I will have nowhere to build my mother her dream house as a present for her fiftieth birthday,
she deserves this for she has suffered long enough…..

If Kenya burns then my brother Ben will have no hospital where he can practice surgery,
he wants to be a Neuro-surgeon to be precise….
If Kenya burns,then Elizabeth will have no courts to go to and no criminals nor innocently accused persons to defend,
she wants to be an advocate qualified to stand in the supreme court….

If Kenya burns,then Tobby will have no land to till and bring forth food that can feed a whole nation,
he dreams of a country that will give him the chance to put to good use his talent in agriculture and be a leading agriculturalist….

If Kenya burns,then I will never get the opportunity to repay Dorothy for her kindess and her usefulness around the house,

what would I have been doing without her able hands and hardwork…..?
If Kenya burns,then I will have been denied the chance to see what kind of mother Pauline will turn out to be…

If Kenya burns,then I will not live to see Michelle grow into a beautiful girl with big dreams…..
If Kenya burns then I will have no gardens to give a dream wedding to the lady God has for me,
I will not live ro see her give life to the two little beautiful girls:the bundle of Joy that God will give to us…..

If Kenya burns,I will not live to see Jim driving his dream car,my dream of being the best man on his wedding will just be that,a dream……!
If Kenya burns,then what is left….?

My dreams and those of Millions other young people will disintegrate into ashes,into nothing at all……!

So while I am faced by a monumental task on the 4th of March,I realise that I have a bigger even more important obligation to my country and that is to choose peace and co-exsist with all my fellow Kenyans regardless of their tribe,gender,religious or political affiliations.I realise that every Kenyan has more than just a democratic right to choose how and who they want to vote for and live in any part of this country and nurture their dreams just like I do mine…..

So I will not dare raise a finger against a fellow Kenyan,instead I will embrace each one and hold hands to build a better KENYA for the generation of my two beautiful girls who are yet to be born……

I will vote in my own way but I will choose KENYA I will choose PEACE…..!

…..chagua AMANI,chagua KENYA….!


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