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Dear Kenyans,

I was born in Molo back in 1987.As history has it, Molo has been the centre of ethnic clashes since the multi party democracy system in 1992.Our home in Molo was burnt in 1992, 1997 and in 2008.I spent a good portion of my life in IDP camps with my family and I have seen how politics can ruin lives. Molo is the most cosmopolitan region I know. My neighbors were from all tribes across Kenya and as we grew up, Kiswahili was the mode of communication. In the absence of politics, Molo was the most peaceful place I have known but when electioneering period nears, neighbours turn enemies and hack each other to death. It is my hope and conviction that 2013 will be a different experience and at the villages in Molo, people would sacrifice anything for a peaceful election. We have learnt from the past.

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