Ruto must be careful what he says

So I am taking issue with one William Ruto for comparing gay people to dogs, this sentiment kept me awake all night – not because it is new but because it is very familiar.  (Refer to “cockroach” in genocidal Rwanda or “Madoadoa” in Rift-Valley Kenya during the election violence of 2007). At the core of the process of dehumanization one depicts other people as less than human, as non-comparable in humanity or personal dignity to those who do the labeling. The person demeaning others feels superior to these alleged inferior persons.
See what dehumanization does, is that it allows people to mistreat others without feeling guilty – because they are enemies or deserving of torment, torture, and even annihilation. The problem is that dehumanization can be used and has been against many groups in our recent history – educated independent women who wear red lipstick and who can never find husbands, rich people living in Runda, disabled people who like to beg for money, people who drink evil beer and smoke harmful cigarettes, poor people in the slums who cannot work hard and who wait for handouts – anyone can be abused. In fact this was the same logic used against communities during the post-election violence. I am so worried about these hateful, contemptuous and self-righteous politicians. This is about hate!


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