Lest we forget

Ruth Odinga’s withdrawal from the Kisumu Gubernatorial race although belated is a welcome move but I hope it is not meant to blind us from the fact that the nomination fiasco caused violence which could have been avoided if the tenets of democracy were adhered to. While I continue to support the ODM party and the candidancy of the Prime Minister I would like to remind him that hundreds of innoncent young men were felled by police bullets while demostrating over a bungled election in 2008. Their deaths must never be taken for granted in the way the ODM party has conducted its primaries across luo Nyanza and some parts of Nairobi. A party that stands for democracy must begin to practice democracy internally by letting the will of the people to prevail.

As the ODM party leader, the Prime Minister must stand up and take control of his party and assure Kenyans that his is a party that committed to democracy and the rule of law otherwise his cries over the stolen elections may be taken to have been dishonest.

I also urge my fellow ODM suppoters to conduct themselves peacefully throughout the campaign period and not to resort to violence every time things don’t go their way otherwise their candidate of choice will never see the presidency because of the damage they cause to his image.  Lets us be free to support who ever we want but let us do so peacefully and always put our country above our own selfish and myopic interests.


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