We must choose to move forward for all our sakes

Five years later we are still trying to justify an election that was clearly bungled/stolen by both sides of the political divide, a swearing in ceremony that was clearly arranged even before the winner was known and finding which side to heap the blame on for the violence that followed. By the way the swearing in ceremony was as much a defilement on our democracy and a sin against the people of Kenya as the violence and rape that threatened the very core of our being. The 2007 violence can never be justified nor can the arrogance that was displayed by the ECK and the ‘winners” of the bungled elections

Yet even as we try desperately to defend the evils that were committed by both sides five years later there are still Kenyan children suffering in IDP camps, victims of rape and forced circumcision who are still tryning to heal from the scars,  tens of Kenyans  who were felled by police bullets. We forget that both the police and the pertrators of the henious violence were acting on orders from above in what appeared to a systematic plan to eliminate Kenyans of certain political orientations.

Today, as we defend the sinners of 2007 we must open our eyes and see that they have embraced each other solely for purposes of political expediency yet the ordinary Kenyan has refused to move on. The ordinary kenyan has choosen to side with the most convinient devil and believe the best lie


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