The Unity of Impunity

From #Uhuruto to #Railonzo to #Mudenneth Kenya’s hurriedly formed alliances are the trend allover our social network sites. While it is everybody’s rightd to celebrate the coming together of their favourite politicians Kenyans need to know what alliances really stand for. Alliances in Kenya are formed for one reason and one reason only and that is to WIN AN ELECTION period. The politicians merge their parties so they can get some needed numbers of votes. Mostly the merging parties have nothing in common and the leaders who form these alliances have spent a better part of the last five years hulling insults at each other and now out of the blues they think their parties have a shared vision for Kenya.

The only alliance I can take seriously in Kenya right now is the #Uhuruto (THE UNITY OF IMPUNITY) alliance not because it promises anything new to Kenya but because it is formed by Kenya’s leading lords of impunity who definitely have the Hague tag in common.The #Mudenneth alliance is such a disappointmenty for me.Until yesterday I loved Peter Kenneth and I actually entertained the thought that he could be my next president. But then my beloved PK met Muda (yet another lord of impunity). The thing about Muda is that is he a thief with a gentleman’s look. He can still from you and you’d let him go just because of how he looks. Muda was a red shirt Moi alter boy in the days KANU ruled Kenya with impunity and got away with cases corruption, torture and assasinations. Muda has never explained to Kenya what his role really was in the scandal of the sale of the land that had been set aside for a grave yard.So frankly Musalia Mudavadi is not an angel.

The worse alliance is the #Railonzo. What’s the vision, the direction or even the purpose of Raila Odinga coming into an alliance with Kalonzo Musyoka? Raila in my opinion did not need an alliance with Kalonzo, he was a dying horse and now he has shot himself in the foot and frankly this alliance makes me sick.


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